How To Sign Up For HyperVerse

Step 1 - Go to the HyperFund Sign Up page using this link:

Step 2 - Fill out the form using the guide below

Important: Before you begin to fill out the form, please note the following:

  1. For your username use lower case, no spaces.
  2. One of the steps involves HyperVerse sending a verification code to your email. You will need to go to your email, copy the code and then come back to the form and paste it. For security, you will have less than a minute to complete this part of the process, so it's best that you open your email before you start filling out the form.

You've now completed the sign up process... Congratulations!

To log into your HyperVerse account, use the following link:

The next step would be to purchase your HyperVerse Membership, which we'll go through on the next page.